Brazilian Kids Kare

Brazilian Kids Kare is a charity ministry, started by our dear friends Reinhard and Debi Hirtler. On one of Reinhard and Debi’s trips to minister to a Videira church in the very north of Brazil in a city called São Luís they were informed of the horrific situations that exist due to the extreme poverty of the whole State of Maranhão, of which São Luís is the capital. After Reinhard and Debi came home from their first trip to São Luís they decided that something had to be done and that they couldn’t just ignore the whole situation. So they wrote a newsletter to some friends to explain the situation. Some people wanted to know how they could help or even donate some money to try and alleviate the situation at least a little bit. And the Brazilian Kids Kare was born and started growing from that moment on. Our aim is to open and run 100 orphanages in the poorest areas in Brasil. On the 16th of May 2016 we opened our first Daily Care Center, which is only a beginning and preparation for the whole vision. We are hoping to get as many children off the streets and into some kind of regular routine of learning about school subjects and the Bible. We eventually want to be able to rescue many children who are being abused at the hands of family members.

Fusion Poland supports this project as a partner organization, enabling you to get involved.
If you want to be updated on the progress and the life of our kids, you can subscribe to newsletter which we send a monthly basis. You can do it, following this LINK.

Fusion Poland opened a bank account for any donations dedicated to this ministry. All information related to the development of this project are published in our newsletters, on our facebook page and on our dedicated webpage: (available in Polish, English, German and Portuguese).

If you donate to a Polish bank account please make sure to put an annotation with the donation that it is for "Brazilian Kids Kare".
Bank Pekao S.A.
PL 56124014731111001067715469

You can also donate in EUR:
PL 80124014731978001067715531

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There is also the possibility to pay with credit card through PayPal. To do so, go to SUPPORT tab and click the Donate button.