Nepali Kids

NepaliKids is a program supporting missionaries and volunteers in the process of establishing orphanages in Nepal. Currently there are 3 orphanages operating since 2013. Daily work of those orphanages is coordinated by a family of Ukrainian missionaries, who previously was involved in opening orphanages in India. They also coordinate mission outreaches and other socially engaged internships of many volunteers. God has touched our hearts and made them ready to help the poor and take care of the orphans. Our desire is to see, how the lives of street-children change, how they get a home, food, clothes, education, as well as love and experience of living God, who has promised never to forsake them.

Fusion Poland supports this project as a partner organization, enabling you to get involved.
Below you will see a link leading to a personal blog, written by one of our volunteers, who has spent some months in Nepal, helping with this project. You can also follow us on facebook.
You can donate money to a bank account owned by Fusion Poland. Gathered money is transferred directly to Nepal, where the leaders of this project – our friends and missionaries – manage it according to the local needs. Every year we prepare a report, presenting the financial structure, as well as other information related to this project.

If you donate to a Polish bank account please make sure to put an annotation with the donation that it is for "NepaliKids".
Bank Pekao S.A.
PL 56124014731111001067715469

You can also donate in EUR:
PL 80124014731978001067715531

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There is also the possibility to pay with credit card through PayPal. To do so, go to SUPPORT tab and click the Donate button.