Netan’el Club

We are a group of people, with a shared passion and love for Jesus Christ. Each of us has got a unique life story, we come from different backgrounds but what brings us together in the “Netan’el” project is a desire to help the children coming from impoverished and socially excluded areas. Consciously following Jesus in our everyday-life we want to show in a practical way the radical love, which God has shown to us first.

Within the framework of “Netan’el club” we want to:
– organize workshops, activities, trips, OpenCrowdFestivals® and picnics for children;
– recognize the needs and manage support initiatives for children and their families, including material and spiritual support;
– have an impact on young generation
– teach them how to respect each other and other people;
– be those who share the gospel with young generation;
– stimulate the children’s creativity and create for them a place where they can learn how to act in a creative way;
– form the young generation living their life to the utmost, so that God’s great plan becomes a reality in their experience.

Activities of “Netan’el club” up to now:
– organization of recurring activities, workshops, trips for children during the weekends;
– deepening the relationships with children and their families.

More information (English available):