From many forms of evangelism, Fusion decided to use the form „to take the gospel outside”, in other words, to go out to people, initiate contact with them: chatting, playing games, organising sports events and competitions.

Open Crowd Festivals© are focused on building relationships between people and supporting local communities. Our festivals are organised on public squares and fields in poor areas of a town. They not only gather children and youth but also their parents and guardians, engaging them to play and chat. They are mainly creative and original stations were children are occupied with activities such as: walking on stilts, face painting, creating their own toys or cake decorating. Meanwhile, we offer free sweets and drinks. The activities at the booths are paused a few times for group games, for example: tug of war or competitions involving larger groups of children.

Fusion Polska organizes festivals and trains teams of volunteers, willing to integrate the idea of OpenCrowdFestivals© into their communities.  Festivals and trainings are free. The participants need to cover only the costs of equipment needed for the event.

If you want to know more about our Open Crowd Festivals©, or you would like us to organise a festival in your area, please contact us.